Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pineville-Alexandria Tornado of April 4, 1923

Alexandria Power Plant.  Damage done to plant from the April 4, 1923
tornado that struck Alexandria, then skipped across the Red River and touched down at the foot of Main Street in Pineville.

 It left a path about 100 yards wide and proceeded toward Louisiana College. 14 people reportedly were killed in the storm that day. This section shows the damage done. Some of the postcards have a "X" on them, marking where some of those killed were found.

These postcards are rare and seldom seen. My collection is probably the most complete of the cards printed. I will place an occasional caption beneath  some of the postcards, but for the most part, they speak for themselves. It was, and still is, one of the most devastating storms to strike this area.
Luker Furniture. Main Street. Pineville, La.
Sightseers on Main Street, Pineville, looking at damage.
(Card furnished by:Al Asprion)
Probably Rapides Cemetery. Caption says Cemetery, Pineville. 4/4/1923.
Bayou Mary Hill train track.  Pineville, La.
People on Main Street the day after the storm.
Remains of auto under lumber on Main St.
Furniture and lumber scattered everywhere.
If you look carefully, you will see an "X" on the middle right hand side.
Caption on card says Hy Morris killed under wreckage.
Pieville Railroad Depot. Several killed in this area.
Remains of a grocery store on Main Street. The Guaranty Bank Building on
the other side of Red River can
be seen in the upper riight hand corner..just barely.
If you know of any different postcards dealing with this
please let us know.