Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Old Area Schools

Postcard dated 1906. Central grammar and high school.
Located in downtown Alexandria. The first large school building built.
Another picture of the Central school in color.
This one postmarked 1918.
The original Bolton High School, located behind the Catholic Cathedral.
The area is occupied by  the school board office today.
Postcard dated 1925.
West End High School. This building was on Bolton Avenue across
the street from where the old Don Theatre is located today.
This card is from the 1920's.
This building is still standing today, on 4th Street, next
to the Catholic Church. St. Francis Xavier Academy and Convent.
This postcard is dated 1914.
Saint Frances Xavier Academy, This building was torn down years ago. It was on 4th Street next to the building pictured above it. Circa: 1910-15.
The New Bolton High School, located near the City Park, is still in use today. It replaced the old Bolton that was located in town. This is from the early 1930's.
Original campus design of Louisiana College.

A 1929 postcard view of Louisiana College. Located in Pineville, La.
Louisiana College baseball team. Circa 1910-15.

If you have any old school postcards. Please share them with us.