Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Early Examples of Postcards Before Pictures, Circa 1875-1900

Very early U.S. postcard published about 1875.
Published date about 1879.

U.S. postcard. Publish date about 1886.
Publish date approximately 1893.
One cent. Published 1900.
Last but not least, a very RARE Civil war era postcard. Addressed  to
Capt.Manuel Bennet. (Confederate Capt.) Evergreen, Louisiana. Mailed from Cotile, Louisiana
on May 12th. Sometime between 1861 and 1865.
Probably shortly after the war was over.
(One of the crown jewels of the Collection)

The card is from H.A. Boyce.
It is signed by him.
The founder of what is now Boyce, Louisiana.

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