Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camp Livingston

Greetings from Camp Livingston.
The camp was situated generally northeast of Alexandria, off US165, and close
 to Camp Beauregard and Esler Field.
Postcard from 1940-45.
Main Gate Camp Livingston.
Postcard from 1943.
Typical Street Scene. Camp Livingston.
Postcard from 1943.
Camp Livingston Guest House. Circa: 1944.
Company Street. Camp Livingston. Dated 1942.
Infantry practice march. Camp Livingston.
Postcard dated 1942.
Camp Livingston Street Scene. Circa: 1943.
Parade, Camp Livingston. 1944.
Service Club. Camp Livingston. 1943 postcard.
Mess Hall at Camp Livingston Hospital.
1944 postcard.
Officer and enlisted men's clothing store.
Circa 1944.
Camp Livingston Library. 1943 postcard.
Soldiers at rest.  1944 postcard.
Camp Livingston.
Company Street scene. Camp Livingston.
Circa: 1944.
Swimming pool. Camp Livingston.1940's Postcard
Full pack inspection. Dated 1942. Camp Livingston.
Post Exchange. 1943-45 time period. Camp Livingston.
Leaving theatre. Camp band. 1943 Camp Livingston.
Artillery maneuvers. Camp Livingston 1944.
155mm Cannon. Field artillery. Camp Livingston.
Postcard from 1943.

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