Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camp Claiborne

Greetings from Camp Claiborne.
The camp was situated in Rapides Parish about 18 miles south of Alexandria,
off the intersection of US165 and present day La 112, just north of the town of Forest Hill.
1940-45 Postcard.
Main entrance to Camp Claiborne.
Located just off the Lake Charles Highway.
This postcard is dated 1944.
The sports arena at Camp Claiborne. Located
just inside the main gate to the left.
Circa: 1942-44.
Bus Station and Post Exchange.
Postcard dated 1943.
Camp Claiborne Service Club. Early 1940's.
View of the famous Camp Claiborne Railroad. Used to train soldiers
on rail destruction and rebuilding. The roadbed still stands today,
through the woods to Fort Polk. Postcard from 1942.
2nd Division encampment near Alexandria. 1943 postcard photo.
Artillery firing. Mailed from Camp Claiborne 1944.
Making a bunk. Mailed from Camp Claiborne. Dated 1943.

If you have any Claiborne cards not shown, please share them with us.