Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camp Beauregard

Scenes from Camp Beauregard, Louisiana.
 Circa 1917.
Air view of Camp Beauregard dated 1942.
Army life at Camp Beauregard. Postcard from 1915-17.
Soldiers' tents at Camp Beauregard. Circa: 1914-17.
Hostess Tent. Camp Beauregard.
Movie theatre. Circa: 1917
Cooking stoves for mess halls.  Postcard from 1914-17.
Air view of Camp hospital.
Regimental Hospital View. Camp Beauregard.
World War I.
View of hospital ward. Circa 1917.
Officers tents. 1914-17.
Postcard mailed from Camp Beauregard dated 1915.
Mess Hall's and Tents. Circa 1917.

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