Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alexandria Public Buildings

Rapides Parish Jail. 1910 postcard. 2nd and Lee Streets. Downtown Alexandria.
Rapides Parish Court House. 2nd Street. 1908 Postcard.
Rapides Parish Court House. 2nd Street. Dated 1910.
Court House view 1920.
Two Alexandria City Halls. The original 1850's on the right
and the new City Hall built in 1910 on the left.
This card is from about 1911.
This postcard from about 1912 shows the new city hall and the Bentley Hotel.
Alexandria's City Hall from a 1930's postcard view.
Alexandria's City Hall on the right. The Confederate Monument in the foreground. This statue has been moved to the front of the Rapides Parish
Court House today. The card is from about 1915.
Alexandria's Post Office Circa 1910-15.
Located on 3rd Street.

Old Alexandria Post Office, located where the Kress building is today,
on 3rd Street . Circa: 1914.
The Alexandria Library pictured in this 1908 postcard is the oldest public building still being used. This building contains the Genealogical Library as
well as the Louisiana History Museum.
Alexandria's new Post Office located on Murray at 5th & 6th Streets.
A 1940's postcard image.
A 1960's image of the Alexandria Post Office, much as it appears today.

New Rapides Parish Court House and Jail.
Murray Street. 1940's

Another postcard of the new Rapides Parish Court House on
Murray Street. This card is from the 1950's.

Alexandria, La. U.S.O., located on Bolton Avenue.
This card is dated 1949.
Alexandria's City Park Auditorium, from a postcard in the 1940's.
This building no longer stands today.
Fire Station number one. Located at the corner of Lee Street and 5th.
The large water tower still stands today.
The Elk's Lodge or Home was located on 4th Street.
This postcard is from the early 1920's.