Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alexandria Homes in the Early 1900's

The Paul Lisso home. Corner of Bolton Avenue & Albert Street.
Note carriage house in back on right.
Postcard from the 1910-15 time period.
Front view of Lisso Home on Bolton Avenue.
Postcard circa: 1910-15.
Home located on Front Street. Circa 1905-10.
A.J. Wolf's residence on Bolton Avenue.
Circa 1915.
Gay's Bungalow in the Pines near Alexandria. Exact location
unknown. Postcard view 1915-20.
Another 1920's view of Gay's Bungalow in the Pines.
Anyone know where it was located?

A. Albert's Home on Bolton Avenue. Postcard from about 1920.
The Alberts were a well to do photography family. They owned a studio and a bicycle franchise.
Another view of the Albert home from a postcard dated 1915.
This home survived up until the 1960's, and was then destroyed.
This is a group of unidentified homes on 3rd street
to the south of where the Town Talk buildings are located today.
This postcard view is from 1920.
The Crowell home located at Marye Street & Chester Street in Alexandria.
Postcard circa 1940's.