Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aerial Views of Alexandria

Panoramic View, Circa: 1915-20. Taken from the top of the tall water tower still
standing in downtown Alexandria  today at 5th and Lee Streets.
City Hall square early 1930's.

Air view of Catholic Church from 3rd Street. 1915

View from top of Bentley Hotel about 1909.
Pineville side and Murray Street bridge shown.

Looking South down 2nd Street. Circa: 1909.  Old city hall built in 1850's
shown in lower right side. It was one of the few public buildings not burned during the Civil War.

Looking North toward where the Rapides General Hospital is today.
This postcard is from about 1910.

This card from the early 1940's shows the new Court House and also the Post Office on Murray Street. The old Rapides Parish court house is in the upper right by the river.
This postcard dated 1932 shows the remaining city docks on the Red River
as well as many of the buildings that were destroyed to make way for progress, as it was called. A few of the landmark buildings remain today to remind us of what once was.